Charged With A Drug Crime? Confused? Scared? We Can Help.

We know that if you have been charged with a drug crime you need an attorney you can trust to provide accurate and straight answers to questions you may not even realize you should be asking. No one wants to experience the nightmare of hiring a defense lawyer who doesn’t seem to care about you or know what they are doing.  We will work diligently to bring clarity and relief to replace the confusion and stress inherent in being charged with a criminal offense.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

John Cope • Firm Founder

You Can Trust Us Because Of Our Experience.

You can trust us because we have experience that provides answers. John Cope is a former narcotics prosecutor who worked closely with undercover local and federal officers to prosecute the full range of drug offenses under Texas law. The experience has given Cope insights into inherent weakness of the generally well-intentioned methods used by law enforcement that sometimes produce misguided indictments of the innocent.

We Work Hard To Bring Clarity And Relief To Your Confusion And Stress

Take, for example, the young man who had been charged with possession of a tiny amount of cocaine. Because he had served time for felonies on two prior occasions, the young man was facing a minimum of 25 years to life in prison. Upon investigation, Cope sensed something wasn’t right, and ultimately walked the young man out of the grand jury process without charges when Cope showed that the drugs found in a car belonged to another man and that the police had used the charge in an effort to get Cope’s client to become an informant against friends who were suspected of crimes.

You Can Trust Us Because We Care.

You can trust us because our focus extends beyond the drug charge; we care about your ability to live a happy and fulfilled life. Cope is a licensed foster parent who cares for drug-affected newborns and understands the deep impact of drug abuse and addiction. The Cope Firm knows that whether or not you are guilty of a drug crime, you may be caught in a trap of treasured but destructive friends and the quicksand of addiction that began all too easily.  What you thought at first was relatively common recreational use has become a danger to your freedom and is damaging to others. Cope is committed to facilitating confidential access to treatment specialists who can confidentially assess your personal situation and discuss a roadmap for the life you want from this point forward.

Motivated By Our Desire to Preserve Freedom And Families

The goal of Cope’s drug charge defense practice is to not only protect those who are charged with drug offenses, but also to meaningfully assist those who are willing to fight for their families and freedom from addiction.

Utilizing Experts

Cope knows that defense of drug charges may require a team of experts. Cope may call upon former undercover narcotics officers or a former investigator for the district attorney’s office to investigate factual allegations and develop evidence in your favor. Similarly, Cope may enlist former narcotics, trial, and appellate prosecutors to ensure that extraordinary legal issues are carefully evaluated. Also, that disputed facts are meticulously scrutinized by a jury, maximizing your chances for a not guilty verdict and for reversal of an adverse verdict on appeal.

Freedom Is A Choice – We Can Help